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Each event is custom and private, if you were invited to register then you should receive a registration link directly from them. If you'd like to create a new event, your first step is to...
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Anyplace bustling metropolitan area (in the world!) is a good place to FrogQuest. We play off of a city's features and people, so lots of both makes for a great time!

Whenever you want! We're very flexible and since each of our events is created custom to your needs, we are at your disposal.

How much time do you have to fill? We generally plan on 4 hours tops, but if you're short on time we can scale that back a bit. But 3-4 hours is reasonable.

  1. Complete as many quests as you can, within the time allowed, in any order you choose.
  2. All submitted photos must be taken by you on the day of the event.
  3. Each 'stranger' can only be used once per team.
  4. Impress our judges to (maybe) win bonus points.
  5. No internet images or screenshots if they make completing the quest easier.
  6. No combining multiple quests into a single photo.
  7. Quality counts, so keep them in-focus, properly lit, well framed, and high-res.
  8. No team selfies! If the quest includes the 'entire team' then finding a photographer is part of the challenge.
  9. SAFETY FIRST! If you don't think you can complete a quest safely or legally, skip it.

Most events start/end at the same location. Bars, pubs, and restaurants make great meeting spots. Anyplace with a casual atmosphere and an HDMI enabled TV (for the slideshow) works. In the end, we'll decide on the specific place together.

At the end of every hunt, we'll have a photo slideshow instantly ready to go. This slideshow (curated by our judges) will consist of the best photos taken across all teams, streamed off the internet (here's a sample slideshow). For smaller events, the slideshow may include every single submission. For larger events, we're more selective. Our goal is to keep the slideshow between 20-30 minutes (give or take). Without a doubt, this is one of the best parts of each event and is not to be missed.

Dress comfortably. You'll be walking, skipping, jumping and running. Be prepared! You may find yourself in a food fight, buried in sand or wet... anything can happen!

No, but they're highly encouraged! And dare we say, you'll have more fun if you get into the spirit by (at least) wearing matching shirts, hats, wigs, etc. Or go all out and organize matching themed costumes. Somewhere in the middle is fine too. Point is to show your solidarity and esprit de corps through what you wear! Besides, it can be very intimidating to your opponents.

There are several benefits. First, teams that dress together have more fun together. Seriously! People around you will see your group and become naturally curious, and they'll want to become part of the fun. This is helpful when your quests require getting strangers involved, earning you more points. Also, as part of a larger group, each individual is more likely to feel comfortable stepping outside their comfort zone because there's a natural safety in numbers. Standing out as a group gives everyone license to loosen up that little extra bit that makes a difference, bringing the entire team together in really fun, cool ways. And finally, the photos you take will all look way better in the end and will probably earn more bonus points as well.

Color is a really easy way to accomplish this, so having everyone dress in the same (or similar) color scheme works really well. But don't stop there. Besides color themed shirts/hats/wigs/bandanas, add personality to your team by giving everyone matching Groucho Marx Glasses, Mustaches, Clown Noses, Jumbo Sunglasses, etc. Find that thing which expresses your team's personality. Or go all out and dress everyone as superheros, rock stars, bank robbers, or why not frogs? Just say'n! Have fun with it!

First and foremost, bring a fully charged smartphone, at least one per team but preferably 2 or 3 or more just in case of malfunction, poor reception, dead batteries, etc. You might also want to bring water, energy bars and cash (for food, beverages, etc).

Yes! At least one active, web-enabled smartphone is required per team. You'll use your smartphone to document that you completed each photo quest, then email that photo to our judges to be validated and scored. This is the key to keeping things well organized and fun. If you're interested, you can even help us beta test our new Android / iPhone mobile apps.

By email. When you complete a photo quest, you'll use your web-enabled smartphone to email the photo evidence to our judges in real time, one email with one photo attachment per quest. You'll email each submission to an event-specific email address and us a very short alpha numeric code as the subject (e.g. A10, B12, C20, etc). We'll explain it more clearly before the event.

Each photo quest is worth a varying base number of points based on factors such as difficulty, risk, scarcity, etc. Bonus points opportunities are sometimes offered for stepping it up a notch, which will make the quest even more difficult. In addition, bonus points may be awarded at the judge's discretion for such factors as originality, creativity, how well you meet the criteria, how awe struck they are, framing/composition (not *just* a snapshot), involuntary laughter, involuntary expletives (Wow!), etc. With every photo taken, take it well! Be creative! It just might make all the difference. Our mantra is...NO LAME PICS!!!

Don't worry, most of the photo quests are not location dependent and can be done most anywhere, so you can either keep moving forward and hope you'll find another opportunity to complete that quest, or go back. The choice is yours, depending on the quest and how badly you want those points.

After the slideshow. Because each team will be emailing their photos to our judges as they take them, the judges will keep a running tabulation of the results.

Usually, though the prizes are not our focus nor should they be yours. Our focus is to provide you with a fun and memorable social experience, which is reward in itself.

Yes, each registered player will be able to download their event photos. You can choose to download just those included in the slideshow, or download all of them. You do this by logging in to your account and clicking the 'Past Events' tab.

There are essentially three types of quests.

  • Those that involve your entire team...
    Example: entire team in front of a sign that is intentionally or unintentionally funny.
  • Those that involve teammates...
    Example: completely mummify a teammate in toilet paper.
  • Those that involve strangers...
    Example: entire team involved in a mock robbery of a stranger using the ATM

No, all our quests can be completed on foot.

Hard to say exactly, but probably 2-3 miles.

Our events run rain or shine, though we are happy to reschedule or refund in rare cases of severe, inclement weather. If your plans simply change, we're happy to offer a full refund with sufficient advanced notice (~2 weeks), unless we've revealed the quest list to you for your review at which point we're happy to still refund half. We only reveal the quest list to you as a courtesy at your request.

Note: all refunds are minus any non-refundable expenses we may have incurred on your behalf for things like air travel, processing fees, deposits, etc.

We didn't answer your question? No problem, just contact me at and I'll be happy to answer any question you have.

Bring a phone charger: You'll be making good use of your phones while playing the game, which tends to drain the battery. So, we recommend starting with a full charge and bring a charge cable to recharge afterwards.

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