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Any group of 4+ people. FrogQuest is a time-boxed competition, so we'd need to be able to divide you up into at least 2 teams.

FrogQuest is perfect for Corporate Team Building, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties (of all ages), Youth Groups (church groups, sports teams etc), Charity, Fund Raisers, Family Reunions and really any group trying to have some fun!

FrogQuest Photo Scavenger Hunts are dynamic, interactive and competitive events designed for various groups like corporate teams, kids, or friends looking for fun. The hunt usually lasts about two hours and involves teams navigating through a city on foot in search of props and people to complete creative photo quests. These quests are submitted to judges in real-time for validation, and participants can track their progress via a leaderboard. The event culminates with a photo slideshow of the best submissions everyone can enjoy together.

The hunts are not only designed to be fun but also serve as a bonding experience, encouraging participants to collaborate creatively and engage with their environment. The FrogQuest mobile app enhances this experience by allowing easy submission of photos and real-time feedback and progress tracking. Participants often praise the event for its organization, the excitement of the challenges, and the joy of sharing the captured memories.

You tell us. We work around your schedule and since each hunt is crafted to your needs, we start when you say GO!

Our style hunt is best in any area where there is a lot of diversity within a dense area. Generally, these are places people go to hang out such as walking districts with various parks, statues, fountains, pubs, restaurants, and shops. More difficult (but still doable) are spaces with more homogeneity such as residential neighborhoods, resorts and corporate campuses.

In the end, you tell us where you'd like your hunt and we'll make it happen.

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Yes, you should...but no you don't have to.

There are several benefits to dressing up though. First, teams that dress together have more fun together. Seriously! People around you will see your group and become naturally curious, and they'll want to become part of the fun. This is helpful when your quests require getting strangers involved, earning you more points. Also, as part of a larger group, each individual is more likely to feel comfortable stepping outside their comfort zone because there's a natural safety in numbers. Standing out as a group gives everyone license to loosen up that little extra bit that makes a difference, bringing the entire team together in really fun, cool ways. And finally, the photos you take will all look way better in the end and will probably earn more bonus points as well.

Yes, our experience is driven by our proprietary FrogQuest Mobile App).

Here's a few things to consider when deciding on the optimal team size for your event...

  1. Elevate the Energy: Fuel the competitive spirit with more teams vying for victory. Studies show that increased competition enhances motivation and engagement, injecting your event with dynamic energy that keeps participants buzzing.

  2. Agility Equals Success: Research indicates that smaller teams are not only more agile but also more efficient in completing tasks. With streamlined communication and swift decision-making, your team will conquer quests, accumulate larger scores, and capture a plethora of captivating photos. Embrace agility for unparalleled success in the hunt!

  3. Stories that Bind: Each photo captured during FrogQuest isn't just a snapshot; it's a narrative waiting to be shared. As numerous studies suggest, storytelling fosters camaraderie and strengthens bonds among participants. Picture your team reminiscing and bonding over the hilarious, heartwarming tales behind every photo long after the event's conclusion.

Sometimes! Prizes are not our focus nor should they be yours. Our focus is to provide you with a fun and memorable social experience, which is reward in itself. But many of our clients do provide prizes to the winning team.

Yes! Each registered player will be able to download event photos starting the day after your event. You do this by logging into the website and clicking the 'Past Events' tab.

There are essentially three types of quests.

  • Those that involve your entire team...
    Example: entire team in front of a sign that is intentionally or unintentionally funny.
  • Those that involve teammates...
    Example: completely mummify a teammate in toilet paper.
  • Those that involve strangers...
    Example: entire team involved in a mock robbery of a stranger using the ATM

No problem! Each team member should participate to the greatest extent possible, but there's no pressure to push themselves beyond their physical abilities. If they need to quit early, no problem...the rest of the team can continue without them. If they need to opt out of a specific physical challenge...no problem. We'd recommend adding a note to your submission to let our judges know what's happening if the challenge required the 'entire team'.

Hard to say exactly because it depends on many variables such as how efficient the team works together, the location, the list, the list order, etc. But probably somewhere between 1-3 miles.

Our virtual, zoom driven hunts are done at home…so distance covered would be much less.

Our events run rain or shine, though we're always happy to reschedule for any reason with minimum 24 hours notice.

Note: Any non-refundable costs incurred on your behalf associated with air-travel, processing fees, deposits etc. may be lost when rescheduling.

Always happy to answer any question you have. Just email

Bring a phone charger: You'll be making good use of your phones while playing the game, which tends to drain the battery. So, we recommend starting with a full charge and bring a charge cable to recharge afterwards.

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