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What's a FrogQuest?

FrogQuest is a high-energy game for team building which puts costume-clad teams in competition with each other to scour the city on foot making spectacles of themselves and others as they frantically compete to capture daring, interactive photo-quests with their smartphones. High score wins!

Live Judging

Our judges personally review every photo submission in real-time, keeping things fair, dishing out bonus points when they're impressed, deducting points when they're not.

Photo Slideshow

As we judge, we're keeping track of the very best submissions, adding them to a photo slideshow which is queued up for your immediate enjoyment afterwards.

100% Custom

Every event is a snowflake, created especially for you, your group, and the location. Events can be totally PG or totally NOT PG, longer, shorter, whatever! It's up to you.


As you play, track how your team is doing. Track how other teams are doing. Track the status of each photo submitted. It's all there for you.


Once the fun of the hunt done (sad trombone 🎶), each player can download all photos. We do not endorse blackmail. Er, just kidding, yes we do!

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Who's This For?

Perfect for groups both large and small, but as always...the more the merrier!

Corporate Retreats

Corporate Retreats

Hundreds of people? No problem!

Team Building

Team Building

Interdepartmental competition? Oh yeah!

Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette Parties

Save your Benjamin Franklins for later ;-)

Milestone Birthdays

Milestone Birthdays

Have fun friends? Let's do this!

Teen Gatherings

Teen Gatherings

Safe, PG-rated, simple, fun and silly

FrogQuest Mascot in Poloroid

Just for Fun

Any group of 8+ fun-loving peeps





Photos Judged


Points Awarded


Where We Go

Seriously, we'll go aaaanywhere, but we call these locations our home. We got our start in San Diego. Since then, we've wandered North and East, but any bustling metropolitan area with lots of activity is an ideal place to FrogQuest! Have fun, will travel!

San Diego, CA

We've been up and down the coast, from the popular downtown gaslamp to Oceanside, and all the fun places in between!

Portland, OR

The many walking districts throughout the Portland area have been amazingly fun! So much wonderful weirdness to play off of.

Scottsdale, AZ

Both Scottsdale and nearby Tempe have experienced first-hand the barrage of silliness our groups bring. Cactus snowman anyone?

What to Expect

Events typically take roughly 3 hours start to finish, but the exact timetable is crafted to your needs.

FrogQuest Mascot Pointing

Ready, Set, Go!

~15 minutes

We'll meet you somewhere in the heart of the city, get you fired up, explain the rules, pass out the top-secret photo quests, then send you off into the world like any proud mama frog would!


Click! Click!

~2 hours (more or less)

Teams scatter in various directions, completing photo quests and submitting evidence to our judges as they go. Impressing our judges may earn you bonus points. Disapointing them...well...let's just say we don't recommend it. Teams track their progress in real time via our nifty, online leaderboard! You're going to feel very tech savvy!

FrogQuest Mascot Taking Photos
FrogQuest Mascot Enjoying a Beverage


~30 minutes

When the time is up, you'll return to the starting point to find a photo slideshow playing all the very best submissions. Prepare to laugh your tadpole arses off because this is at least half the fun!


And the winner is...

~15 minutes

All good things must come to an end, and sadly we're no different. But not until we've announced who the winning team is! If there are any prizes (optional), we'll pass those out too.

FrogQuest Mascot with #1 Champ's Medal

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