Best Photo Scavenger Hunts
for Corporate Team Building
in Kokomo, Indiana


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What is FrogQuest?

FrogQuest is a laughably fun photo scavenger hunt for corporate team building. Teams scour any city on foot completing daring, interactive photo-challenges with our mobile app. High Score wins!

Live Judging

We personally review every submitted photo, awarding bonus points when impressed, deducting when not. So bring that A-game!

Photo Slideshow

Afterwards, laugh together as you watch a curated slideshow of all the best photos.
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Every experience is a snowflake, created especially for your group, activity and location. Crazy or tame, it's up to you.

On Your Time

Most hunts take 2-3 hours by default but we adjust to your schedule.


Track your team's activities against the others as you compete for first place.


Download all the photos and keep them evermore once the fun of the hunt is done.

Corporate Team Building in Action

Sometimes, it takes a video to get a true sense for what's instore for you. We got you...just push play!

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Photos Judged


Points Awarded


Our Favorite Team Building Spots
in Kokomo, Indiana

Any busy metropolitain area (in the world) is a great place for our Photo Scavenger Hunts, but here are a few of our favorite spots in Kokomo

Downtown Kokomo

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Downtown Kokomo, perfect for team building groups seeking urban adventures and cultural discoveries. Explore historic landmarks, trendy boutiques, and cozy cafes along the bustling streets. Pose with frog-themed sculptures that add a playful vibe to the district, perfect for your scavenger hunt adventure!

Foster Park Arts District

Immerse yourself in creativity at the Foster Park Arts District in Kokomo, a cultural enclave perfect for team building groups seeking artistic inspiration and eclectic experiences. Explore galleries, studios, and public art installations showcasing local talent. Capture unique moments with frog-themed sculptures that add a whimsical touch to the district!

Uptown Kokomo

Discover the dynamic vibe of Uptown Kokomo, a bustling district ideal for team building groups seeking shopping and dining experiences. Explore chic boutiques, cozy cafes, and lively entertainment venues along the vibrant streets. Don't miss the chance to snap a photo with frog-inspired decor that adds a playful twist to the atmosphere!

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What to Expect

Events take 2-ish hours by default, adjusted to your schedule as needed.

FrogQuest Mascot Pointing

Setup & Send off!

~10 minutes

We'll meet you in the heart of the play zone, explain the rules, and send you off on your quest.


Click! Click!

~1-1.5 hours

Teams scatter in various directions, complete quests, and submit photos to our judges as they go. Impress the judges to earn bonus points. Teams track their progress in real time via the leaderboard!

FrogQuest Mascot Taking Photos
FrogQuest Mascot Enjoying a Beverage


~15 minutes

When the time is up, everyone returns to watch a curated photo slideshow of all the best submissions.


And the winner is...

~5 minutes

All good things must come to an end, but not until we've announced the winning team! If there are any prizes (optional), we'll pass those out too.

FrogQuest Mascot with ##1 Champ's Medal

Our Adoring Clients

Here's a few of our many great corporate team building partners.
We have much ❤ for them!


Jessica D.

Escondido, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

This was so fun. It was very effective for team bonding and everyone getting outside of their shell and getting into the community. The scavenger hunt was all throughout Encinitas downtown. A lot of the items seemed impossible at first glance but most of them are really doable if you are creative and stuff work together with your team. Strangers are usually very willing to participate if you tell them it's a team scavenger hunt for team building.
I didn't even know this was a thing, this business is so smart for offering this service; I wish more companies knew about it. It is such a fun and creative idea for team bonding, and offerings like this from leadership are highly effective in building a happy and motivated staff. Afterward they provided us with a slideshow of everyone's pictures and send the pictures to you for download. So cool ! Thank you FrogQuest.

Christy V.

Lakewood, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

Our company's annual leadership conference started off with a BANG because we hired FrogQuest. It bonded us right from the beginning and connected us before three more days of the retreat. It was fun, easy to understand, simple for multiple teammates to use the app. We loved seeing where we were ranked on the leader board during the quest! A five-star experience all the way!

Colleen P.

North Park, San Diego, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

We had the best day as a staff doing "FrogQuest". The photo challenges were perfect and were specific to where we were (Old Town). We loved dressing up! Definitely learned the power of teamwork & communication all while having fun! Our team got through 55/60 photos so beat that!;) Overall an awesome experience!

Tricia G.

Encinitas, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

We did this for our company team building event. It was an absolute hit! The tasks were fun, creative and gave us belly laughs throughout the whole thing!
I can't wait to do this again. I'm already thinking about when to do it next and with what group of people!

Lisa L.

Carlsbad, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

We did a FrogQuest scavenger hunt for a work event. It was so fun! We had teams of 5 and had over 50 challenges to complete in 2 hrs. The challenges were fun, sometimes ridiculous but hilarious at the same time. The app worked great and we were able to get our pics in quickly and could see the status of the pics in real time. Loved this event!


Glendale, AZ

5 Stars on Yelp

FrogQuest put on a scavenger hunt for our team building event as part of our semi-annual meeting. It was a huge hit and we had a great time running around the Mill St. area [in Tempe, AZ] doing crazy things and taking pictures. It gets people up, out and using their creativity to get the most points.

I would recommend this to anyone, not just for a team building event but for any large group of people.

Thanks Chris for a great time.

Tim M.

Carrollton, TX

5 Stars on Yelp

Our team meets every 6 months in Arizona. We always do a team-building event as part of the meeting, like bowling, ballgames, etc. This year we worked with Chris to do a FrogQuest scavenger hunt in downtown Tempe. 23 participated; we split up into 5 teams. What a fantastic time! You get to see people's creativity really come out through the pictures. Great feedback from everyone, it was great fun.

I worked with Chris to coordinate the event and I appreciated his quick response; flexibility; and professionalism.

I think this was the first venture outside of San Diego. I think it works very well as a corporate event. Chris worked with an HR partner to approve the list of activities. We will certainly recommend FrogQuest to other departments at CVS. Many thanks!

Joyce H.

San Marcos, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

Wanted to do something different for our annual employee party. I worked with FrogQuest to host event which took place throughout Carlsbad Village, all local, no driving required. Pricing was so reasonable we were able to allow employees to also bring guest. Chris prepared a great 'hunt'; both entertaining and challenging! Everyone really enjoyed the afternoon. Would definitely recommend for other business owners looking for a memorable employee event.

Barrie M.

Glenview, IL

5 Stars on Yelp

We used FrogQuest for a corporate team building event and it was one of the best events we've ever done! We all had some much fun running around and taking the photos. The best part was looking at everyone's pictures afterwards and having all of them to remember such a fun day!

Dave L.

Chicago, IL

5 Stars on Yelp

I used FrogQuest as a team building exercise for a work event. We had 3 teams and ran around downtown Portland for 2 hours having a blast. Afterwards, many of my employees said it was their favorite part of the weekend. We even used the slideshow during our closing ceremonies the next day. We will definitely use them again! Highly recommend.

Valerie H.

San Clemente, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

I recently organize a quest for my team visiting in from various locations as a way for the to see San Diego as well as have some fun together. It was the PERFECT activity and I'd highly recommended and do it again. Chris and our guide, Doug, were both so wonderful to work with! Their energy and responsiveness made the work on my end very minimal. We had all participants download the app prior and it made it super simple and fun and watching the judging come in real-time added to the fun. Days later, the team continues to share pictures from the quest for some more laughs. :)

Valery G.

Orlando, FL

5 Stars on Yelp

WOW what an awesome team building activity it was! Our team has traveled a lot, and participated in many activities, but this one was the best! The technology worked perfectly, and everything went smoothly!

We're Proud of all 176 of our 5-Star Reviews

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