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for Kids, Tweens, and Teens
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What is FrogQuest?

FrogQuest is a laughably fun photo scavenger hunt for kids, teens and tweens. Teams scour any city on foot completing daring, interactive photo-challenges with our mobile app. High Score wins!

Live Judging

We personally review every submitted photo, awarding bonus points when impressed, deducting when not. So bring that A-game!

Photo Slideshow

Afterwards, laugh together as you watch a curated slideshow of all the best photos.
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Every experience is a snowflake, created especially for your group, activity and location. Crazy or tame, it's up to you.

On Your Time

Most hunts take 2-3 hours by default but we adjust to your schedule.


Track your team's activities against the others as you compete for first place.


Download all the photos and keep them evermore once the fun of the hunt is done.

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Our Favorite Spots
in San Diego, California

Any busy metropolitain area (in the world) is a great place for our Photo Scavenger Hunts, but here are a few of our favorite spots in San Diego

Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter's lively streets are a treasure trove for groups seeking a mix of historical charm and modern nightlife. Capture your team's spirit with the Victorian buildings as your backdrop, enjoy a laugh at whimsical bars, and maybe even 'jump' into a dance-off. It's a district where every alley and corner promises a new discovery, perfect for an unforgettable photo scavenger hunt.

Old Town

Old Town brings the past to life, offering participants a chance to explore California's heritage with a fun twist. Snap photos in historic parks, by ancient cannons, or with performers in period costumes. This area blends culture, history, and fun, making it an ideal setting for those looking to add a historical flair to their scavenger hunt adventures.

La Jolla

La Jolla's stunning seaside views and upscale atmosphere provide a glamorous stage for quests. From the dramatic cliffs of Torrey Pines to the playful seals at Children's Pool, your group will find countless opportunities for breathtaking photos. The challenge here is not just to capture the beauty of La Jolla but to do so in a way that tells a story of adventure and camaraderie.

Little Italy

Little Italy is a slice of European charm in San Diego, known for its lively festivals, exquisite dining, and vibrant public spaces like Piazza della Famiglia. teams can embark on a culinary adventure, capture the essence of Italian culture in their photos, and enjoy the spirited atmosphere. It's a place where every snapshot is infused with the joy of discovery and the warmth of community.

North Park

North Park is a hub for the artsy and adventurous, with street art, indie shops, and craft breweries around every corner. groups will love the urban vibe and the chance to capture quirky, colorful moments. The challenge? Finding the most unique mural or the coolest boutique that tells a story of San Diego's creative spirit.

Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach's laid-back vibe and beautiful shoreline make it a hotspot for groups looking to mix sun, surf, and scavenger hunts. The boardwalk, bustling with life, offers endless opportunities for fun photos. Whether it's a group shot on Crystal Pier or a candid laugh in the sand, Pacific Beach is where memories are made and captured, with a scenic ocean backdrop to 'splash' up your photo album.

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What to Expect

Events take 2-ish hours by default, adjusted to your schedule as needed.

FrogQuest Mascot Pointing

Setup & Send off!

~10 minutes

We'll meet you in the heart of the play zone, explain the rules, and send you off on your quest.


Click! Click!

~1-1.5 hours

Teams scatter in various directions, complete quests, and submit photos to our judges as they go. Impress the judges to earn bonus points. Teams track their progress in real time via the leaderboard!

FrogQuest Mascot Taking Photos
FrogQuest Mascot Enjoying a Beverage


~15 minutes

When the time is up, everyone returns to watch a curated photo slideshow of all the best submissions.


And the winner is...

~5 minutes

All good things must come to an end, but not until we've announced the winning team! If there are any prizes (optional), we'll pass those out too.

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Ed F.

San Diego, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

Used this for my daughters 13th birthday party. 15 kids scurrying around for 2 hours being silly and having fun together. Could not have been better. Also having a copy of all the pictures after the event made it an easy way to record the memories of the day.

Leading up to the event the communication with the team, the planning and execution was flawless. I was pleasantly surprised and would easily recommend to anyone.

Althea L.

Del Mar, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

We celebrated my daughter's fourteenth birthday with a scavenger hunt with 14 friends at Old Town on a weekend afternoon. Chris was so responsive and patient throughout the preparation process and was extremely professional, friendly, customer service-oriented and organized. I was able to pre-screen their photo challenges so that they were age appropriate - I can see how FrogQuest's events can easily be adapted to different types of groups and locations. (I had originally researched options for a work team-building event and FrogQuest had the best offering and was competitively priced.

We opted for remote judging and it went off without a hitch - his team was super responsive and available to help online throughout the race. The girls had so much fun...watching them made all the grown-ups chaperoning want to participate in a photo quest, too. Thanks, FrogQuest!

Julie L.

5 Stars on Yelp

We did this for a family reunion during Christmas break. Our group included kids, teens, adults and grandparents, and everyone had a blast! When asked what their favorite activity over the reunion, the scavenger hunt came up as a clear winner. Highly recommended!

Heather Z.

El Cajon, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

We had my daughter's 13th birthday party in Old Town. They had an amazing scavenger hunt with FrogQuest's help! The kids had so much fun running around and doing silly things. The suggestion of dressing up was a good one. Each team dressed different and made the pictures so fun to look at. I can't wait to use them for my son's birthday!

Juli T.

Seattle, WA

5 Stars on Yelp

Chris coordinated a wonderful FrogQuest adventure in Encinitas for a family reunion. We had a fantastic time completing the tasks and he even created some special tasks that included our 3 year-old. We loved seeing the photos afterwards on a slideshow and would high recommend the FrogQuest Scavenger Hunt to others.

Michaela G.

Carlsbad, San Diego, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

We did this for my high school student council bonding day and it was so funny seeing all the students run around our town making memories and having fun. If you're looking for a good time definitely consider FrogQuest, it's super easy and exciting!

Stephanie C.

Johnson City, TN

5 Stars on Yelp

Chris and Jake made our son's 18th birthday a blast by hosting a Scavenger Hunt in Johnson City, TN. If you are looking for an out of the ordinary birthday party adventure for adults, teens and even kiddos this is an awesome idea and they host it very well from start up to finish.

Zeynep C.

Bankers Hill, San Diego, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

The best birthday party ever!! We booked a game for my daughter's 11th birthday party. The kids couldnt have more fun. The parents commented that they actually "really had a blast" during a kids party. Amazing memories. Thank you FrogQuest

Allison E.

San Diego, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

I've done 2 events with FrogQuest, one in Encinitas and the other in Pacific Beach. And, boy are they fun!!!:) they always have creative and funny missions, we dress up in team costumes, and we have such a blast getting strangers involved in our pictures;) and when it's over, we watch the awesome slideshow of everyone's adventure over drinks with new friends;) I'll definitely be doing more scavenger hunts in the future. FrogQuest rocks!!:)

Greg H.

Carlsbad, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

Chris and his team at FrogQuest not only know how to put on an event, they know how to throw a PARTY! We were fortunate enough to race through the streets of Carlsbad during an event last year and we had a blast the entire time. My crew strongly recommends any event these folks put on. Enjoy the Adventure!

Tom C.

San Diego, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

A friend of mine invited me to be part of his team. Initially, I wasn't too sure about it, but I checked out the FrogQuest website, read through the many Yelp reviews, and gave it a chance, since everyone seemed to be having such a good time. I'm VERY glad I did! My team had so much fun that we signed up again. I've been to two events so far, my first in Carlsbad and a second in Encinitas. Both were a blast. Both were very different. It's clear that Chris goes to extra effort to customize the quest lists to each venue's surroundings. A++ quests too, which are a perfect mix of clever, challenging, and whimsy. As much fun as the scavenger hunt was, the slideshow afterwards was hysterical. By the time you return the starting point, he's got the slideshow playing on the bar's TVs with photos of all the teams included. It's really fun to see what other teams had to do in order to get their shot! Many laughably memorable moments caught forever.

Here's a couple of pro tips...
1. don't interpret the quests too literally because you'll often get credit for thinking creatively
2. it helps to divide the quest list into parts, so that each team member is responsible for keeping an eye out for a subset of the entire list
3. wear comfortable costumes and shoes because this is a high energy event
4. I highly recommend dressing up. it's crazy how many people want to join in on the fun to help you complete your quests, which is a HUGE advantage. And it also makes it so much better that you're meeting fun, interesting people.

Mal 4.

Oceanside, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

This scavenger hunt was loads of fun! Would definitely sign-up again. FrogQuest did a great job of setting up and organizing the event. The staff was also extremely friendly and helpful. Costumes, drinks, prizes, and making friends with a whole lot of strangers, what else could you ask for? Thanks again Chris!

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