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for Birthday Parties
in Tigard, Oregon


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What is FrogQuest?

FrogQuest is a laughably fun photo scavenger hunt for birthday parties. Teams scour any city on foot completing daring, interactive photo-challenges with our mobile app. High Score wins!

Live Judging

We personally review every submitted photo, awarding bonus points when impressed, deducting when not. So bring that A-game!

Photo Slideshow

Afterwards, laugh together as you watch a curated slideshow of all the best photos.
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Every experience is a snowflake, created especially for your group, activity and location. Crazy or tame, it's up to you.

On Your Time

Most hunts take 2-3 hours by default but we adjust to your schedule.


Track your team's activities against the others as you compete for first place.


Download all the photos and keep them evermore once the fun of the hunt is done.

Adult(ish) Hunts in Action

Sometimes, it takes a video to get a true sense for what's instore for you. We got you...just push play!

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Photos Judged


Points Awarded


Our Favorite Birthday Spots
in Tigard, Oregon

Any busy metropolitain area (in the world) is a great place for our Photo Scavenger Hunts, but here are a few of our favorite spots in Tigard

Downtown Tigard

Downtown Tigard buzzes with local shops, cozy cafes, and community events, making it an ideal location for scavenger hunts. Participants can strike a pose by the iconic Tigard Triangle Gateway or snap a selfie with the vibrant street art adorning the buildings. After completing quests, they can explore the district's eclectic charm and enjoy some ribbeting urban experiences.

Bridgeport Village

Bridgeport Village in Tigard offers birthday groups a premier shopping and dining destination with a charming village atmosphere, making it an ideal location for scavenger hunts. Participants can strike a pose by the iconic Grand Bridge or snap a selfie with the stylish storefronts. After completing quests, they can explore the village's upscale ambiance and enjoy some croakalicious urban adventures.

Washington Square

Washington Square features a wide array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, making it an ideal location for scavenger hunts. Participants can strike a pose by the iconic Clock Tower or snap a selfie with the bustling activity in the mall. After completing quests, they can explore the mall's vibrant atmosphere and enjoy some ribbeting urban experiences.

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What to Expect

Events take 2-ish hours by default, adjusted to your schedule as needed.

FrogQuest Mascot Pointing

Setup & Send off!

~10 minutes

We'll meet you in the heart of the play zone, explain the rules, and send you off on your quest.


Click! Click!

~1-1.5 hours

Teams scatter in various directions, complete quests, and submit photos to our judges as they go. Impress the judges to earn bonus points. Teams track their progress in real time via the leaderboard!

FrogQuest Mascot Taking Photos
FrogQuest Mascot Enjoying a Beverage


~15 minutes

When the time is up, everyone returns to watch a curated photo slideshow of all the best submissions.


And the winner is...

~5 minutes

All good things must come to an end, but not until we've announced the winning team! If there are any prizes (optional), we'll pass those out too.

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Ed F.

San Diego, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

Used this for my daughters 13th birthday party. 15 kids scurrying around for 2 hours being silly and having fun together. Could not have been better. Also having a copy of all the pictures after the event made it an easy way to record the memories of the day.

Leading up to the event the communication with the team, the planning and execution was flawless. I was pleasantly surprised and would easily recommend to anyone.

Anne C.

Las Vegas, NV

5 Stars on Yelp

CAN YOU HEAR ME...I'm screaming from the rooftops about this company! I contacted FrogQuest in hopes of adding a little something special to my best friends 40th birthday celebration in San Diego. Let me tell you ...Chris and his team did not disappoint! We all had an absolute blast and cannot stop talking and raving about our experience and their company. Our only concern is if they'll do a scavenger hunt for us in Vegas this coming December. Book your unforgettable adventure with FrogQuest, its a memorable experience you'll be laughing about for months!

Deena C.

San Diego, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

Wow, if you're looking for something hilariously fun, memorable and different for a group outing or team building, look no further!!! I used FrogQuest for an all girls birthday scavenger hunt and it was nothing short of fantastic!! Chris answered all of my questions and I had a lot of them) so I knew exactly what I was getting into, but not enough so that I wouldn't be surprised on the day of. He was super thorough and organized from start to finish.

I did a remotely managed scavenger hunt and it went just as smoothly as if people were standing right there to help facilitate it. My friends and I had the best time and I would absolutely do it again, no question!!!

Sebastian N.

Burlingame, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

We celebrated my sister-in-law's 30th birthday in San Diego. One of the highlights was our FrogQuest scavenger hunt adventure. We had a lot of fun running around the Gaslamp district with which none of us were familiar. It's a great way to inadvertently get accustomed to a new place.

After time ran out, we all assembled at a bar had a good laugh over a few beers while reviewing all the silly photos that were collected as part of the scavenger hunt. We all had a blast and definitely recommend for a medium to large group.

Sione T.

Moreno Valley, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

Yesterday, I celebrated my 28th birthday and New Beginnings Party with a Photo Scavenger Hunt! 9 of my closest friends and I came together in Old Town San Diego to compete against one another in the most hilarious and comfort zone shocking hunts of our lives! We ALL had such a blast running around town and being OUTRAGEOUS to fulfil the hunt. Certainly one of my most favorite birthdays EVER!

Thank you Chris for organizing such a fun event. The piece of mind I was able to have while playing was worth every penny and more.

I highly recommend it to all groups of people looking for a little adventure and a ton of laughs while playing a game!

Althea L.

Del Mar, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

We celebrated my daughter's fourteenth birthday with a scavenger hunt with 14 friends at Old Town on a weekend afternoon. Chris was so responsive and patient throughout the preparation process and was extremely professional, friendly, customer service-oriented and organized. I was able to pre-screen their photo challenges so that they were age appropriate - I can see how FrogQuest's events can easily be adapted to different types of groups and locations. (I had originally researched options for a work team-building event and FrogQuest had the best offering and was competitively priced.

We opted for remote judging and it went off without a hitch - his team was super responsive and available to help online throughout the race. The girls had so much fun...watching them made all the grown-ups chaperoning want to participate in a photo quest, too. Thanks, FrogQuest!

Autumn G.

Portland, OR

5 Stars on Yelp

Wow, where to start?!? I guess maybe a bit of back ground - this was for a milestone birthday (40). We ended up with 22 people, so a very strong turn out / large group to be organized and managed.

First of all, the organizer, Chris, is awesome!! He was very active with communication all the way through the entire process - from fielding questions before we decided to go with FrogQuest; through the planning phase; great comments while he was judging the event; to follow up after the event.

We choose FrogQuest because it wasn't the typical downtown scavenger hunt that you find as options online. There are other areas of the city, which is something that we were looking for. Also, it wasn't about finding landmarks, it was about creating memories by completing a variety of different types of "quests" that make it fun for everyone.

At the end of the event, a slideshow is put together for all the teams/participants to watch all the photos that were submitted for the various quests. It is great to see what everyone was up to!

You can also very easily download all the photos that were submitted through a link that is part of the online platform.

There is really no other choice in town, go with FrogQuest!

Jennifer K.

Randolph, MA

5 Stars on Yelp

Amazing job making my daughters 21st during COVID a night to remember. Everyone had a blast!! Thank you

Tricia K.

San Diego, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

Awwwww was SO MUCH FUN! We did this for my daughter's 13th birthday and the kids had a blast. They were really creative and each team picked up different quests so it was pretty cool to see all the funny ones. And Chris was able to put this together really last-minute and it worked out great despite my chaos and stress of the week. It really made the party and thank you so much! Highly recommend.

Lisa T.

San Diego, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

Sooo much fun and easy. Did it for sister-in-laws 40th birthday with a throw back to the 80's. Take a few seconds when the app opens to play with it to get familiar. Would do it again for sure.

Sue L.

San Francisco, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

Such a blast to do... my sister loves scavenger hunts and this was a great one to do they even made it so the little kids could enjoy doing it the remarks on the pictures just added to it. Wish we could have had a few min after to finish uploading the rest of the pictures we had 'I'm sure we would have won,but all in all it was a blast'

Tara H.

San Diego, CA

5 Stars on Yelp

This is our 3rd time using FrogQuest - safe to say we LOVE it! Such a unique idea for group get togethers, our friends rave about it. A lot of 'Remember When' from over the years doing this activity. The team at FrogQuest makes it too easy to have a good time: they come up with all of the challenges based on guidelines you set (include challenges with strangers, drinking okay, etc) and the app is very user-friendly. If you're on the fence about booking, don't be! Get on FrogQuest - it's so much fun!!

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